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  • Roman Numerals
    We don’t hear much about Roman numerals these days, although we often see them – on clock faces and inscriptions, and on the copyright dates […]
  • Localization and Product Management
    I have previously written several articles on the topic of enterprise software localization which will, I hope, have been of interest to anyone involved in […]
  • Localization – So Much More Than Translation – Part 2
    In a previous post, I looked at some of the aspects of software localization beyond translation and formatting – topics such as security and privacy, […]
  • So You Think That You Understand Timezones?
    When localizing business software, one of the key concepts to understand is that of Time Zones, which superficially seems a simple one. The world is […]
  • A Brief Introduction to Win Loss Analysis
    Win-loss analysis is an important component of Competitive Intelligence but it also provides additional feedback beyond CI – for example on how your company‚Äôs sales […]