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Enterprise Software Product Localization

Are you an enterprise software product manager faced with the challenge of localizing your product for overseas markets, but not sure where to begin? Or do you know what to do, but are not sure how to justify the time and effort that it will take to be successful? Do you need some help assessing your product and organisation’s readiness for localization?

If the answer to any of these questions is Yes, then we can help

We focus on helping companies like yours to grow by developing your localization capabilities.

We are also able to help with other aspects of your business including project management, market and competitive intelligence, and general product management

Our Philosophy

We believe that software localization is a lot more than translation and data formatting – security and privacy, local business norms, and cultural factors are just as important. As the product manager, much of the responsibility for localization falls on your shoulders. But that responsibility does not extend to being an expert on the specific business, legal, and cultural requirements of every market. That detail needs to come from local resources, be they customers, partners, or your own teams based in those markets.  Your job is to understand the areas to be considered, why they are important, and the need to engage with local experts for the detail in each market

How We Can Help

Through training, consulting, coaching and our unique Localization Readiness Assessment, we can give you and your team the skills and knowledge to be successful at product localization

Localization Readiness Assessment

    The Localization Readiness Assessment from Antoine Barker Consulting Solutions will provide you with a comprehensive report on your current readiness and will provide the basis for making investment decisions around your globalization strategy and advice as to how to balance risk against market opportunity. As well as documenting the current status, the report will highlight any areas of major risk and make recommendations for the next steps.

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